The global physical security market size and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) can range anywhere from $100B and 5% CAGR to a private security view of $350B and a 12% CAGR.

Lancia Security Aggregators, LLC (“LSA,” or the “Company”) was formed to operate in the growing global physical security market. LSA’s business strategy is based on the Manager’s Venture Aggregator® business model that balances the growth risk of venture capital and product development with the income potential of private equity. LSA’s vision is to combine emerging sensors with an innovative integrating platform and distribution channels to fundamentally change the global physical security market. LSA has two primary focus areas:


  • Global Physical Security Market: Short to long term income and growth through product development, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and other agreements.
  • Intellectual Property: Medium to long growth through development and acquisition of integrating technology platform(s) for physical security.

LSA is an alternative investment vehicle and business that intends to address and disrupt the growing global physical security market. The Company was created with an avenue for the broader accredited investment community to participate through a blind raise pool, offering the potential of growth and income.

LSA’s mission is to achieve a high rate of growth and income through equity plays, partnerships, and product development in the global physical security market. LSA is envisioned as a 7-year firm, with 3 options years, based on a single capital raise of $150M. The strategic emphasis is the development of intellectual property; and growth and income through controlling or minority stakes and partnerships with other innovative firms.

Lancia Security Aggregators

The Company is offering a minimum of 1,200 and a maximum of 6,000 Series B Membership Units at a price of $25,000 per Unit. Upon completion of the Offering between 1,200 and 6,000 Series B Membership Units will be issued. The Company has three Series of Membership Units authorized in the Company; (1) Series A Voting Class Membership Units where are issued to the Manager and Voting Members; (2) Series B Non-Voting Class Membership Units which shall be issued to Accredited Investors in this Offering and; (3) Series C Non-Voting Membership Units which shall be issued to Key Leaders in portfolio companies and certain advisors.