The Sherman Sheet’s models and Capital Management Service’s management are the ultimate one-two punch.

Are you already a fan of The Sherman Sheet, but feel it may be time to offload your trading/billing/reporting tasks associated with having to orchestrate all Sherman-centric portfolio management activities, yourself?  We can alleviate much of that, or even ‘all’ of that, for you.

Do what you’d rather do – gather more asssets, and care more personally for your existing clients in a way you’ve always wished you could – by leaving trade-related activity to us, instead!

Or, even better: If you’re looking towards your own retirement, and need to gain some time and flexibility in order to set forth on a more scaled-back/’ceremonial’ role – and perhaps devise a more rock-solid transition and succession plan?  Let CMS give you what none of us, however successful, have any more of than anyone else, if left to do it all on our own: Time.

‘What you get’ with CMS management, is far more than just an extra set of hands on trade days.

CMS as your trusted third-party manager for your firm’s Sherman Sheet model portfolios, means:

  •  Low-Cost ETFs to populate your strategies
  • Presence on Major Custodians
  • The Sherman Sheet’s lauded ‘fact-based’ methods, faithfully executed to the letter
  • Customized, branded background data from The Sherman Sheet’s world-class, new Portfolio Toolkit v3.0, plus crucial weekly commentary and beautiful client-facing presentation materials
  • ‘Best practices’ coaching on how to position your philosophy and strategies in the marketplace

Schedule a CMS + The Sherman Sheet managed-solutions comprehensive overview today, or call us at (747) 220-6700.

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